11 July 2011

Stress, Diabetes and other shit... not literal.

I am one of those people who build up stress, now with having diabetes that’s a double danger. Stress has a bad influence on my system and having a sugar imbalance increases my stress even without thinking about it, it’s a chemical thing I guess, a lovely metabolic viscous circle (did I spell that correctly?). So even while everything is smooth sailing I have to take extra care not to mess up my stress levels. Under normal circumstances I should have been a stress free rock like sort of person.

herp a derp

Now… are not normal circumstances, I won’t go into detail but I can say I am experiencing more stress then usual. Which results in huge energy insufficiency, severe depressed moods and health issues such as small infections, extreme fatigue and headaches. The saddest thing is, it shouldn’t bug me, I know it shouldn’t, but I can’t help it, my body and my mind seem to betray me and I am feeling sick because of it. I really dislike whining and yet here I am doing it myself.

So for the few people who know me who read these blogs, I feel like crap, nothing you and I can do about it and I’ll just stop whining about it now. Just thought I’d let you know the why and how before I start calling people names, breaking down or blowing up….

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  1. Whining sometimes takes some of the stress away, so just go ahead. If it makes you feel better we'll put up with it ;)