26 July 2011

A ban on Christian fundamentalism and right winged extremism.

When a kid who listens to heavy metal walks into a school and kills dozens of schoolmates, it’s the music’s fault and voices cry out to have it banned and concerts are canceled.

When a guy who plays computer games murders people, voices call for a ban on computer games and games, intended for an adult audience by the way, get banned or censored down to Disney level.

Now when a Christian fundamentalist with right winged ideas goes on a killing spree... it’s quiet.

What happened in Norway is awful, a true horror, the scale of suffering this has caused is simply to terrible to be understood. Don’t get me wrong on my opinion in that regard. But with the terrible agony this has caused, I felt this small nudge in my side.

Now I am a lover of heavy metal Music (folk metal, black metal) amongst other sort of music. I am a neo-pagan, wearing a pentagram and all that. You are on a tarot site so I believe a certain interest in non traditional spirituality is a given… and on top of that I like computer games and horror movies as well. Without a doubt I would be on any conservative Christians shit list and be suspect to go out on one of those lone wolf killing sprees… if it wasn’t for one difference, I posses a certain amount of sanity and afore mentioned preferences and hobbies have precisely diddley squat to do with going out and killing people.

feeling violent yet?

So every time one of those disturbed, sick to the core imbeciles decides to go on a spree and hit the news, I feel the noose tightening around my way of life, because in the same news broadcast we get told that it’s the fault of games, movies, music or other kinds of “evil”. Besides the fact that people fail to understand that certain content is made for adults and should only be played by, watched by or listened to by adults, watching today’s news alone gives any sensation junky an overdose of death, destruction and all-round misery. Watching CNN for an hour would drive me to violence long before HALO would.


But, let me at least be one of those to go for balance and show those so eager to ban the things I enjoy how it feels when your way of life is deemed evil and dangerous…

I hereby call out for a ban on Christianity and Right winged political ideology because it corrupts our children and obviously drives people to violence.

Christianity not allowed

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