09 July 2011

Tatt try out, my first... tattoo

You want to see me vulnerable??? Well here it is, big, talented designer of tattoos, demo cd covers and even the occasional book, not being able to draw straight lines.... YET!

Today I took some time to get to practicing and working out tattooing. Now I got the workings of the machine figured out for the most part and I understand some
of what I will want to improve on when I'll be taking next steps, for instance another type of power supply. But for now I am okay, since most I do is practice rubbish anyway.

On the left side is the very first tries from last week, right side the first actual design

Here is the skull design up close, I tried to get some motion thing going, want to use some sort of projectile to come out of the head first but decided against it for it being too much trouble right now.

After tracing premade designs, I did some freehand, one simple drawing and one even simpler drawing purely designed to practice straight (well actually curved scale like designs) lines. I have a long way to go, but I understand better where my flaws lie, basically it is having to pace myself better. I try to draw, and tattooing does not work that way, I need to go slower. When I got that in my head things started to look better.

Bad pic, but this is how it looks before cleaning away excess ink.

after cleaning away excess ink.... and practice, practice, practice

Still haven't figured out how to keep my work clean on the synthetic skin, either I spread the ink darkening the whole piece or I clean too thoroughly messing up the whole thing causing lines to fade.

So here it is my real serious try, I am feeling confident that this is something I am able to do, but I have no illusions on how much work it is going to be. So I keep looking through internet pages, going to talk to tattoo artists, reading up checking conventions and who knows even one day some sort of apprentice ship.... time will tell, right now I only hurting rubber.

All this was done with the Professionele Tatoeage Kit IV - Expert - TK004

PS, I am still working on the site design, not figured out what I want yet.

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  1. Nice! And very promising for the future!
    Practice till your ass falls off and before you know it you'll be on TV with Alkmaar Ink ;-)
    I'm proud of you, this must be a real boost...