18 July 2011

Sometimes I feel old…

Last Friday my son Merlijn performed in a musical at school. In these parts it’s somewhat of a tradition in the last school year (when kids are about 11 years old) to do a musical to say farewell to their elementary (basisschool) school years. Now you have to understand I have a weird sort of memory and to me this whole event seems like only yesterday when I had it myself. Now I was being confronted with my 12 year old son going through the same thing… that’s somewhere around 23 years that’s gone by without me noticing apparently.

Another “funny” thing, where we thought to be entertained by Merlijn’s class for about an hour… our driver waiting outside…. We were treated to an evening filling program of approximately 3 hours (sorry Anja).

Nevertheless it was a good evening and I really enjoyed seeing my son op there and being driven down my own memory lane.

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