22 October 2010

***UPDATE*** Free Crowley Tarot, storage box and online reading

Well the end of the years is nearing and my goal of world domination is still not completed.... So it is with great disappointment I am announcing that I will be drawing for the giveaway the end of this year... wether there are 30 followers or not...

At this moment Qubert is in first place with the number of entries in the pool.... which isn't a sure win, but he's got the balance in his favor.
I am giving away a new Toth Tarot Deck…

Okay so here it is, the “giveaway”, free stuff for which you have to do very little. Because if you had to do a lot it could hardly be called free now could it? I am doing a giveaway to promote my blog and the shop where I do my tarot reading, workshops and courses. You can earn great prizes...

So what’s the deal?

Since I am doing this giveaway to promote my blog and gain followers, any activity in that direction should be rewarded. So I have come up with this set of activities with which you “earn” a virtual ticket. From these tickets I will draw three names a first, second and third choice will be chosen. The first gets to pick a “prize” first, the second name will be next to pick and the third obviously last.

There is however a catch, I will reward these prizes three days after the number of individual registered followers reaches 30.

So here are the ways to earn “tickets”

- Bringing in a new follower ( off course this new follower has to make this known )
- Every three comments ( because a ticket per comment would be too much work )
- Becoming a follower of me on twitter (http://twitter.com/NocturnalLure )
- Bringing in another follower on twitter ( who makes him or herself known a such )
- Re-tweeting or Re-Sharing my notifications on new blog posts
- Registering and posting on the Ixani forum ( ixani.forum2go.com ) not Dutch speaking? I built this English topic just for you (http://ixani.forum2go.nl/the-all-round-awesome-english-topic-t191.html )

Rules, there are always rules…

- Direct relatives will not be entered into the lottery, off course any promotional work will be appreciated and appropriately rewarded.
- You will have to let me know you will be joining either by commenting on this topic or emailing me at hotmail.com account merlijn_tuttel . Any other method is okay as long as you have received confirmation from me ( facebook, Twitter, PM on Forums etc. ).
- I will so my best to keep up with what you’re doing, but this will be made infinitely more doable when you yourself keep me psoted on your promotional activity. - Only one prize per follower, if the same name is drawn again after allready being drawn for a prize, I will redraw until a new name comes up.

So what am I doing this for? (the pictures on top should kind of have given that away allready)

- I will give away 1 brand new Crowly Toth Tarot deck, designed by the infamous Aleister Crowley ( yes from the Ozzy song ) which is contrary to what you might think of mr. Crowley a very colorful and insightful deck very suitable for both starting and advanced tarot readers.

- A wooden tarot storage box, ideal for keeping your tarot deck protected and readily accessible for use.

- A free online reading, if I can get a grasp on the necessary technology I will even try to do this on video, no promises though.

So there it is, now go and spread the word...

Sponsored by Ixani


  1. Rules, there are always rules…

    - Direct relatives will not be entered into the lottery, off course any promotional work will be appreciated and appropriately rewarded.

    what's the reward??

  2. I had no idea you had a blog, so am now of course following. (Even if there wasnt the oppurtunity to get freebies!)

    Sounds awesome. Will hopefully blog/tweet/facebook about it when I get home from work...if my memory doesnt fail me!

  3. Uuuhhh Nice... :)
    Tho I'm not a new member, I'll help promote it :)

    Another reading could be a good thing right now... *grins*

  4. Hey! :) I've been a loyal reader of this blog from the start. I now also follow you on Twitter, Sid; and I've twice tweeted about your site. I can't really tell if anyone joined thanks to it, though..

    I for one love reading this blog. It's so different than any other blogs I read, it stands out and I like the posts. I really would like to learn how to read tarot. It was even recommended for me in a horoscope book as a way to expand my vision and learn more about myself. I do think I've got the right intuitive touch to do it. Plus; I'm hugely intrigued by this stuff. So much better than horoscopes. i've once had a tarot reading about a guy-issue I had 8 years back. It really had me thinking and helped the situation.

  5. Okay, so right now, I have Cappu, Paula and Sarah on the list. I've seen some retweeting and sharing (facebook) which is awesome, thanks... I will try to keep track but feel free to let me know what promotional action you have taken.

    Sarah, thanks for joining... yeah well I started this blog after leaving the GenY thread, I think the whole lex would have known if I had posted it there...;-)

    Paula, if there's anything you want to know or advice you need, don't forget you can always pm me. In light of this giveaway it wouldn't be fair right now to do a reading but I can still give advice as a friend.

    Cappu, I'll see if I can do more beginner topics the coming weeks. I do have some techniques and tips on how to get a grasp on the cards and start reading like a pro...

  6. Hey,

    Read a few articles. It's not exactly light reading.
    Nevertheless I enjoyed it.
    What with the promotion and all, I participated...
    I love games.
    Facebook: shared shitstorm blog item.
    Facebook: shared this item.
    Twitter: now davaka is following you.
    Twitter: retreated this item.
    Blogspot: following thru blogspot.
    Google buzz: shared this item.
    And rss: following in Google reader an on my phone.