20 October 2010



Sorry, please forgive me, this is not the blog about the giveaway as promised… it will come… I promise… just not now, I need to share this first.

So the shitstorm has not passed yet. This morning was another excellent example of how not to start your day. After waking up a tad on the “late” side of the morning I decided not to take my daily shower to save precious time to collect myself and prepare for another day.

Off course preparation time was too short. Since my headphones are literally broken (FUCK YOU SKULL CANDY!) again… for the fourth time. And the only headset available was the one for my phone I had to transfer some music to my mini SD card… apparently this course of action was considered absurd by my laptop who simply refused at first and later decided to take half an hour to accomplish this simple task. Off course I should have anticipated this and should not have started this process only one hour before I needed to be on route to work.

On my way to work, I’ll spare you the details about how time consuming the toilet can be when you’re not quite well and on diabetes meds, I was actually cold…. People who know me understand that I still go out in just a Tee with 5 degrees Celsius so being cold, while wearing a shirt and a hoodie means I am sick… and obviously uncomfortable. While on my way, running late due to the phone and toilet debacle and unable to return and be on my way again in time I realized I forgot my lunch, my wallet and my office electronic door key. Let me explain, not bringing your personal door key means you have to be registered to receive a “day pass” which takes time…. time I was thoroughly running out of. Not bringing my lunch or wallet means having to get by today on one sweet cracker (Sultana). Diabetes and all, not a good way to keep my energy up for the long day ahead (see previous blog Busy).

Once inside, with still 4 minutes to spare, sort of. I got the lovely message from my manager that I have a meeting or beter defined a “talk”. Meaning a talk with the site director and human recourses senior about my sick leave last week. These meetings are never fun, trust me, they mean having to sit through hearing how bad a person you are for having your colleagues clean up your “mess” and how this can have a bad influence on your future career with the company. With my current position already under heavy stress this is just about the last “talk” I need right now and gives a gloomy vision regarding my future here, which off course will do wonders for coming medical adventures, diabetes symptoms being stress related and all.

Right now I just want to curl up in fetal position and think of unicorns and carebears… well probably I’ll shift to games and porn pretty quickly, but lets just say dealing with reality today kinda sucks. And I have only been up for about 4 hours……… and don’t get me started on the weather.

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