01 October 2010

WorldSummerFestival and Samhain giveaway announcement

WorldSummerFestival and Samhain giveaway announcement

Tomorrow I will be attending the wereldzomerfestival or WorldSummerFestival in Heerhugowaard. I will be doing short tarot readings from evening till night. I am actually quite excited because I haven’t done such a marathon tarot reading for a long time, I hope my energy reserves will keep up especially since last time I didn’t have diabetes. It is a weird setting for me really since the major part of the event consists of oriental type food and dance and well celebrating world summer when it is painfully obvious that it’s autumn, both on the calendar as well as regarding the weather. http://menaleila.magix.net/website#3

I think I will take some extra time to prepare for this event so my mind will be clear enough not to confuse people too much. This means time for a shower with some incense and soothing music as well as gaming and sleeping in.

In the same stand fellow Ixani team member Tony Rekelhoff and off course teamleader and shop owner Anja Kroon will be present to give spiritual guidance and general advice. I am looking forward to seeing Tony work, I only met her once, briefly, so this will be a chance to get to know each other a little better. A review of the evening will be posted soon after.

Somewhere around samhain/Halloween there will be something of a contest, giveaway type thingy. How many comments you posted, if you are a follower and if you reposted (facebook) or retweeted (twitter… well doh) messages regarding the NLTarot blog will be taken into account.

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