10 October 2011

Halloween Tarot readings at Auryn and the brilliance that is starbucks

So here’s a short little blog post about last Sunday. A longer more elaborate post will follow later with pictures and all kinds of interesting stuff. However, I thought I’d share a bit before that since I had so much fun.

First of all, wow I’ve seen some great, creative and hot outfits and especially make-up looks, those who entered the dare contest really blew me away. And the atmosphere with the mist maker and all the decorations was as Halloween-like as one could wish for.

As I have noticed before at events, when you are planning to do light, entertaining short readings, you often end up doing readings with a lot more body, heavier subjects and rarely end up under ten minutes. At Auryn last sunday this was also the case. I met some very interesting people and did some interesting readings, it’s great to get that short look into someone’s life and to be able to give, if but a small piece, advice to help someone achieve their potential in life. In many cases I wished I had more time and a more private environment to dive deeper into subjects and make a more substantial impact. But at a party among al those beautiful and interesting people this was neither the place nor the time.

I want to thank Linda of Enchantra for being a great host, Robert for once again playing (in this case undead) taxidriver and all the people who let me read the cards for them, I had a great time!

BTW: I made a very important discovery, Crème Brule Macchiato, is the best drink ever invented, thank you Starbucks for enriching my life…. 
BTW2: Having good travel company made the trip of aproximately 7 hours fly by, thanks Linda en Agnetha, I actually enjoyed the ride.

Thank you, gods of cafeine