25 October 2011

Flu shot hangover, the fishy details...

nice! oh yeah, the food too...
Okay in all honesty it’s my own fault for at least a small part. You know that whisky tasting I mentioned earlier last week? Well it was a success on several levels, I tasted some really interesting whisky’s and had a really good time, I even ate oyster something I never thought I would do. The girls handing out the seafood hors d'oeuvres were so cute and I was buzzed enough, they could have handed me anything and I would have eaten it with a smile. 

Anyway, halfway through the afternoon I realized it was time to cut back and an hour later those lovely whisky’s had passed my throat twice… in… and out. In short Monday was hangover day. No probs, nothing I can’t handle or haven’t handled before, though with my diabetes extra caution would have been wise.

yeah sure I love... oysters you say?
Monday evening I had to get my obligatory flu-shot, three years ago the shot had me feeling sick for two weeks. Two years ago all I had was an itch on my arm and a severe headache. Today it would seem I have the worst of both worlds, feeling sick and having a terrible headache. So my hangover seamlessly continued into the flu-shot aftermath. And now I have to deal with a nausea-headache combo for gods know how long. And what have I learned? Well nothing really, I still like whisky and I still have no clue how oysters taste. .
one will do 'kay?
Well I did learn one thing actually, about that flu shot. Annoyingly the moment I got home after my shot yesterday I read in the news that the flu shot has little to no effect, so basically it's all for nothing. There's has been some discussion before about how effective the shot really is, but now populair media would have us believe the whole thing is as good as useless.

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