04 October 2011

Swords kinda sucks, it’s not a friendly suit at all…

King of swords?
Few suits in Tarot are as nasty and depressing as swords. And since there are only four suits that actually means that besides the majors a quarter of the cards at least have a severely nasty feeling to them. From strife, misery and pain to tyrannical parents or being kept in your place, swords have a lot of nastiness heading your way. Swords also represent intellect and the element of air, adding to the mixture a chilly feel where cold justice is about the most positive swords seems to offer. It makes you grab for your stuffed animals.

Queen of Swords?
When you’re just starting out, swords may be one of the larger challenges in your readings, capable of giving any positive reading a sense of grim foreboding. While swords do have a tendency to be harsh or cold, with some effort you will eventually see that they too have a positive side to bring to the table. Swords are swift, promising swift transition form a bad place. Swords show you how you might rebel like a punk-rock knight of swords. Be a tough bitch like the queen or a tough but fair parent like the king, but most of all it shows us what we have to get through to grow.

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