24 October 2011

It's magic I tell you

How I look when reading tarot... realy!
Now I’ve never claimed to be a psychic, I’ve never said I am channeling spirits. If anything I usually claim the opposite. In my blogpost last week on the workings of tarot, I’ve even played it all down quite a bit. Calling tarot pieces of cardboard with paint on it however somehow seems to damage the typical image of the tarot as a mystical tool given by gods, angels or at least ancient mystics. Even historically the tarot started out as just a game, we actually know it didn’t come to us from ancient Egypt. It’s a sad thing really to find this piece of ancient magic, hidden mystical power and have it reduced to “just” a card game by cold hard skepticism. It is however also a matter of personal experience.

In all honesty I must admit that it hurts me to put it all on the table (no pun intended) like that as if coincidence, pseudo psychology and mathematics can explain the complete workings of tarot. I was attracted by the mystical aura of the tarot when I started out with the cards and I can easily claim many readings that were interesting, weird or even bizar in a way where extreme coincidence just doesn’t cut it and I still love the mystical aura it has. The thought of wielding a divination tool and the ancient knowledge backing it up is too hard to let go completely and other than having experienced my share of weird occurrences, I truly believe that the mystical or even magical aspect of tarot adds to the mix a pinch of the divine that makes the tarot the strong system it is.

You may not have to believe in it for it to work, but it does make it more exciting.

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