07 October 2011

So this is the hundredth post…

Not much to look at is it?

Well to be honest, I have no idea what to write about on such an occasion. Usually I either write about things I think of while riding on my bike to work or I pick a specific tarot related subject I feel needs to be elaborated on. But for a 100th post, no idea. I wanted to do something special but I just don’t have the time to pick that up so you will have to entertain yourself with me telling you I have little to write about.

I think it’s amazing that there are people out there who actually manage to write a blog almost once a day where I have to push myself to get two a week out there when I am not sick or depressed or being all emo and drama. More extraordinary is that some of them post every day and still maintain a certain amount of actual content whereas I am already on my second paragraph without saying anything more than claiming not to having anything to say.


Thanks you for reading, I’ll keep trying to write stuff worth reading…

Here’s to the hundredth post!

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