17 October 2011

Tarot, this sh*t Works!

One of the most asked questions about tarot, at least with me is “does it work?”. And though I believe yes is the simple answer there’s actually more to it (it’d be a pretty short blog post otherwise).

Imagine writing the word “home” on a piece of paper. Put that paper on the table and sit down. Ask yourself a question, any question, for example “what can I do to simulate my career”. Now look at the word on the paper and let every association you have with this word go through your mind. All kinds of ideas will pop into mind. Perhaps you should focus on home life, perhaps you have to speed up your career to be able to start a family or maybe you need to fuel your ambition to be able to support your home. Take one of the ideas that speaks to you and dive deeper.

Without it being of any importance how the piece of paper got there, angels could have written it or maybe ghosts, in this case you did it yourself, the word triggered something. It’s also of little importance how the specific thoughts came to mind, triggered memories or perhaps telepathic suggestions by aliens it doesn’t matter, you made a step forward across a barricade. You have grown, you answered your question. Now do the same thing with 78 cards in a certain formation and the subjects that come up are limitless as well as the paths that may come that appeal to you.

Whether it’s angels, ghosts, aliens or just cardboard and paint is not important, the point is, it works, whatever you believe to be the driving force behind it. So it doesn’t matter if you’re the cold clinical science geek believing things only when there’s a scientific explanation to it even if that explanation is “coincidence” or if you’re a wiccan priestess believing it’s the will of God and Goddess that those cards are presented to you at that specific moment in time to guide you and help you further the mother spirit, it works anyway or either way.

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