13 July 2010

Death, Tower, the Devil…. That’s not good….

Bad cards, a delicious subject when it comes to tarot. When you look at a card like death you immediately get that ominous feeling, the grim reaper looks up at you from the table. The same goes for many other “bad” cards. Most bad cards can be explained in a light and positive matter. For instance death, yes death is the end… but every end is also a new beginning, one chapter ends a new one begins. Also the end is not something bad by definition; end of a financial crisis, end of a long sickbed, end of a nightmare. When a bad thing ends it can be a joyous thing.

It is my experience that many tarot readers grasp for the positive meanings of cards when they appear on table, maybe to please their customers, or perhaps even to prevent them from being scared away. They do however often seem to evade them and as such they negatively influence or “pollute” their readings. “Bad things” are a part of life and even though the negative tarot cards can be interpreted as positive regarding place, question and other cards on the table, you should always consider the negative meaning as well.

Life isn’t just rainbows, unicorns and carebears, so neither should the readings be. Tarot is a representation of life, good and bad. Off course it takes skill to include a negative explanation in your reading without upsetting your client too much… and perhaps for someone who lacks the communicative skills sticking to rainbows and carebears is the best strategy. But I personally view it as a disservice when I keep out perhaps important warnings or a harsh message.

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  1. What deck is the lower card image from? Thanks.