08 July 2010


One of the things I like about tarot is the diversity in decks. There’s not a single subject you can think of or someone has created a tarot deck around it, from Lord of the Rings to Hello Kitty. Not every deck design is created with reading in mind it seems. The Lego Tarot or the 8-BT tarot for instance are, despite their traditional symbolism, hardly useable for serious readings.

Off course many deck are created with reading in mind, some try to re-invent the wheel renaming or re-arranging cards. Some pick up the traditional system and build on that, adding new depth to the cards. Not every creator succeeds in this but some decks do strike the right cord and become very successful. Though the biggest split in “recent” Tarot history is the difference between the Crowley Toth and the more traditional Rider Waite and it will take a revolutionary design to branch out the tarot family like that ever again.

Random thought….

It’s weird, I read for complete strangers, I read for family and friends and I read for myself. But somehow reading for my beloved wife doesn’t seem to work. We have tried maybe two or three times and it never seems to go anywhere but explain the single cards. Maybe our fates are to much intertwined to give an objective reading who knows, but it is weird. She is the love of my life and I am happily married, she supports my “addiction” to tarot and has cards of her own….

Babe, you’re awesome…

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