07 July 2010

How to start...

As I was writing a new training course in tarot I was amazed once again by the system in the cards. The amazement came from frustration about having a difficult time finding a good way to start my training. The system has become so complete that there is no easy way to find a beginning when you are trying to explain tarot to people who are new to it. It is like finding the starting point of a circle. I have found a method, though perhaps a bit cliché. I start zooming out describing factually what tarot is, zooming in slowly to influences and purpose… in short, I am starting out like probably every other tarot training out there. My defining or divining (haha) qualities would have to be proven in another way, probably in feedback and interaction during the course. But a nagging feeling of not having found “the introduction” to my otherwise obviously brilliant training didn’t leave me until we went to visit my parents for family diner last week.

So there I was, at my parents’… laptop on my lap, typing the first outlines of my new course while my baby nephew is crying, people around me are caught in discussion and the television is making it’s own brand of special noise (probably CSI or Law and Order) and I am in my own personal tarot bubble…. My wife resting her head on my shoulder, which actually makes typing rather painful after a few minutes. It’s a special kind of comfort… but comfort nonetheless. Tarot is life or at least a representation or map of it and I love being in the middle of it. Tarot is life… it was like finding the start on a roll of sticky tape while after what felt like minutes of scratching your fingernail over the roll.

So tarot mirrors life… I will start my training with a short and hopefully entertaining story after which I will highlight aspects and how the cards relate to them….

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