12 July 2010

Walking the thin line…

In your future I see, a tall handsome man… three beautiful children, but also tears for a lost love… that will be 35$” Yes, this is still daily practice for some tarot readers. Now don’t get me wrong, I do, to a certain degree, believe that the tarot system has the properties to stimulate a certain amount of premonition or precognition, but I don’t believe it is something to rely on and most certainly not something you can deliver on the spot for a fee.

I use tarot as a mirror, as a different perspective, like a friend saying “Have you tried looking at it from this angle?” Information regarding the future I regard mostly in a sense of action reaction… “If you continue on this path, this might happen” or “If you do that, you should be mindful of such and such… “ I do not believe in fate and I do not feel the future is written in stone. If anything, I think we may be given hints or warnings from time to time…maybe by our combined consciousness calculating possible outcomes of happenings, maybe by some divine spirit or just from same nameless energy.

Tarot carries a certain mystique and many people come to a Tarot reader to have their fortune read. I use the tarot professionally as a coaching tool and the said “mirror”, though at times I cannot deny weird things turning up. It is never the goal of my readings, but when my intuition “rings” I do pass on the information I find with the added “it is just a hunch, but consider this…” I don’t want to come across as the clichéd gypsy, but since I do have customers who come to me with that cliché in mind, I cannot deny them their expectations altogether.

It is a thin line and I am careful not to drop to either side, I am neither a complete skeptic not a die hard believer….

May the moon light your path,


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