09 July 2010

Tarot a girl thing?

Friday, almost weekend and it couldn’t have come quick enough for me. Tropical temperatures and soccer are not my “thing” so this week has been quite the challenge for me. Just have to wrestle through a few more hours of work today.

This weekend I will spend some time getting to know my Shadowscapes Tarot (http://www.shadowscapes.com/Tarot/index.html )a bit better. It is by far the most beautiful tarot deck I have seen. Up till now I haven’t had time to actually do a reading with them, but this weekend I am planning on doing just that. Funny thing came to me though, the deck, especially compared to some other decks I own is a bit feminine. Looking at tarot as a whole it all feels a bit aimed towards the female species. I never thought of it before, but right now I feel Tarot is a bit of a female “thing”. Most of my clients are also women, off course I would love to say that it is because of my raw masculine charm, but I’m afraid that might not be the case…hahaha.

Oh well, I hate soccer ( or any sport on TV ), I have no interest in cars, I have long curls and now I count tarot as another of my feminine traits… I am so in touch with my feminine side it might be considered harassment.

This weekend I will be writing a review for Aeclectic Tarot (http://www.aeclectic.net/ ) on the HR Giger Baphomet Tarot… not a feminine deck by the way, keep an eye out for that.

And while we’re spamming check out http://www.ixani.nl/ (Dutch) and the Ixani forum on ixani.forum2go.nl (Also Dutch). This is the shop where I do my readings and the accompanying discussion forum on anything spiritual and mystical.

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