26 July 2010

Winner online reading and short interview by Ixani.

Here it is, today’s blog.

First, Sunday I did the draw for the free online reading. Out of three followers who requested Paula Cardoso was drawn. She will be contacted regarding the question she wants the reading on.

Just for fun I had the lady who owns the shop where I do my readings do an interview with me and here it is:

1: Who in the Magicians name is Sidney Tuttel van Dorst and why would a Celt even bother to do tarot and not runes?

Because I read and write runes and I am very interested in their history I regard runes as letters, as they were intended. Reading runes to me comes across as picking scrabble letters for divination. I do however use runes for spiritual tattoo designs and such.

2: Were you born a tarotist or did you decide to become one later?

Well I started when I was thirteen, that’s the short answer. I can safely say that the esoteric, the occult and supernatural has been an interest of mine for as long as I can remember. I have explored other forms of divination like i-tjing, runes and all kinds of oracles but tarot was the only one that made sense to me, oddly enough because it is just as valuable without the mystique and spirituality as it is with all the mojo and hocus pocus added to it.

3: What do you see in the cards and do you tell everything you see or are you being polite sometimes?

The cards have their meaning, the position they’re in have their meaning and the cards influence each others meaning. A card can mean “this” but another cards meaning may shift card A’s traditional meaning or add information to it. Other then the “standard” meaning, many cards have subtle extra information or may even have certain concepts related to them ( moon – lunacy… justice – police ). There is also a “layer” of information that enters on another level, hinting of extra information enriching the cards on the table. When I read for customers I am very careful what information I share. I rarely share the more intuitive information because I do not see myself as a fortune-teller, though I do sometimes try to gain more information in the direction my intuition takes me. The info I give is usually tailored to the person in front of me and in general I keep it related to the question of the reader. If I do “see” more I rarely just share it, mostly I try to gain insight whether the info is needed and wanted.

4: What is your favorite deck and why, and when can we expect your own handmade deck?

The Shadowscapes Tarot because it is so beautiful, Crowley Toth for myself and Rider Waite for my customers. I have many decks I love to death, but these are the ones at the top of my list. I have been busy designing my own deck since years but so far nothing useful has come of it. I will one day start over and make a serious deck.

5: Does drinking whisky make you think more clear?

More clear no, far from it. However I have noticed that when there is a limited amount of alcohol involved it becomes much easier to rely on intuition and a certain “flow” starts to form. When push comes to shove I prefer a reading after, or better yet during enjoying a good single malt Islay whiskey.

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  1. Well, that answers my questions :-)
    More insight in the person Sidney and my favourite Tarotist!
    Keep up the good work, and maybe someday we'll create an iXani deck together!