23 November 2010

Temperal schizo… or how to cope with Chronological split personality syndrome

Yes I know schizophrenia has nothing to do with multiple personality disorder… still I used the popular misconception to produce a remark with humorous intent.

Today I realized something, I am not the same person I was ten years ago. Now this may strike you as rather logical but there’s a thing to it. Normally I always see myself as more or less the same timeless person. I don’t really feel different then I did when I was eighteen, or six or whatever age. And I certainly don’t feel thirty five! But today I realized that the guy I was before made decisions, had thoughts and did things the guy I am today would never do. I have changed so substantially I hardly recognize the people I have been through the years. So much so that I actually regard parts of who I was as a different person now. I may be weird that way, but look at yourself, is this not true for so many people?

Hell I have been Sidney’s in the past I would definitely not like today.

BTW, the pic might look it spans some years but it is actually two years of pics.

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