19 November 2010

Not a good day…

Not a good day…

Now I won’t go into (much) detail, but today is not a good day. When personal shit, work related shit come together with having actual problems with shit, my stomach is telling me my diet should consist of less hamburger and more vegetable through the subtle medium of splatterpoo, life becomes increasingly less fun.

Now don’t get me wrong I can manage a lot of stress, I have managed a lot of stress in the past, but since a few years I have been diagnosed with diabetes and stress has the annoying effect of raising your bloodsugar, a quick BS raise causes me to get rather moody, impatient and takes a lot of energy from me, which in turn makes cope with stress in a less productive way. I am still learning how to cope with this downward spiral without having to simply ignore stuff until it blows up. Overestimating my stress handling capabilities has proven a serious handicap in this, my utter lack of discipline the second most serious handicap.

So what to do… well I will actually pick up the one thing I always advice others, my tarot deck… A month ago I would have told you I rarely read for myself if at all nowadays because I don’t “need” it. But today, I do. So here’s to you mister Waite! (probably gonna draw the Tower, The Devil, Death and Ten of Swords).

BTW Have you checked out NLGaming yet, my new gaming blog?


So here's the spread I did:

Appearantly I have been a fool, or I have reacted without having full knowlegde of the situation. I may be cautious but I am trying to combine aspects that don't match well. I am obviously picking fights with the wrong women and I should expect harmony but time for judgement is comming near. In short off course.

With regards to my questions actually a very intersting spread... which I will kepp to myself... which means the whole thing you just read will have absolutely no vallue for you whatsoever.

Sorry... but hey, no tower right?! That's good...