16 November 2010

Here is another Tarot beginners tip...

Here is another Tarot beginners tip.

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I was thinking about how I was neglecting the whole tarot-noob guidance thing I had going here, sorry I will pick it up again today.

So here are some bits of strategy for getting a better grasp on your deck and reading in general. Many seem to obvious, but I’ll post ‘em anyway.

No mater what others tell you, read the little white booklet that comes with the deck. Keep it in the toilet for instance to read through when you’re taking a… well you know, when you’re knitting a brown sweater. Though it is far from complete, the catchphrases are useful and the general meaning is usually correct.

Try reading for others as much as possible, even when you still have to look up every card, try reading for friends and family. Keep the subjects simple and objective. The feedback you get will help you make sense of the cards in a way a reading for yourself simply can’t.

Don’t be afraid to try different decks. Most decks cost somewhere around 10 to 30 euros which in most countries is less then people pay for gas every few days. SO it’s not that big an investment, and it really pays of to have a deck that you can relate to.

Okay I do really value a bit of mysticism when working with tarot but don’t let yourself get distracted by so called rules like: Don’t let others use your deck, a tarot deck has to be given to you, you can’t use a second hand deck, only deal with your left hand, you cannot ask money for a reading, you cannot do a reading and more strange rules like that.

So there you have it… feeling ready to start reading at parties yet?

Thus ends this lesson….

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